Tutorial; Make Pajama/Lounge Pants

I had an email from one of my readers (Marie) and she asked how I went about making my lounge pants, so thanks to her I decided to make a tutorial for you all. :)

They are super easy and here’s how:

1 metre of chosen fabric (mine here is 120cm wide, and I didn’t use the whole metre)
old pair of pajamas or trousers to base pattern on
good fabric scissors

1. Fold the fabric into half, then half again lengthwise. If I was making proper trousers I would be more careful, and would probably fold in half once, make one side and then place that onto the fabric again to make the other leg – but I’m lazy… Lay your old pajamas onto the folded fabric with the fold against the fold, sewn edge should face the selvedge.

2. Cut the fabric, making sure to give yourself a seam allowance – I gave myself just over a centimetre at a guess. Make sure you leave enough at the bottom and top for hemming and elastic casing.

3. The back needs to be higher than the front, so cut about 1 centimetre off at a slight gradient.

this is what the legs look like at this point

4. Here comes the BORING part. Zig-Zag around the entire edge of the fabric.

5. Now sew the inside seam of each pajama leg. I don’t even bother to pin, but you could if you wanted to be careful.

6. Here’s where I use the pins. Pin both sides of the crotch together, making sure the centre of the inside leg seam lines up with the other side.

7. Sew together, reinforcing the crotch area by sewing back and forth a few times.

8. Make the casing for the elastic by folding and ironing the fabric at the waist. I fold/iron about 1/2 a centimetre in first, and then enough to cover the size elastic I am using.

9. Sew the elastic casing, leaving a gap to thread the elastic.

10. Just like when you made the casing, iron the hemline of both legs twice.

11. Sew both hems.

12. Thread the elastic into the casing. Then sew elastic together using the zig-zag stitch. Sew up the gap you left to thread the elastic.


If you have any questions, just leave a comment… :) Please excuse the photo’s, I’m no professional!

  1. CurlyPops’s avatar

    Wow, how quick and easy is that! Great tutorial!


  2. Shellbells’s avatar

    thanks for the tutorial now I can try and whip up some mini versions for bubba and chicken!!


  3. mary lou’s avatar

    thanks – this is great — i LIVE in lounge pants… what size does this pattern make (so i know i have enough fabric)? I can make summer and winter length if i make them myself :)


  4. sewfunky’s avatar

    This particular pair was size 10 girls. It depends on the width of your pants as to how much fabric you need – if you’re unsure go with 2 metres of fabric. You can always use whats left to make something else – a few bibs or something…


  5. Jodz’s avatar

    Great tutorial. I love all the pants you have made.


  6. Koningskind’s avatar

    I can’t wait to make some for myself and the kids.
    Thanks for this great tutorial.


  7. scifichick’s avatar

    This is a great tutorial! Now I can’t wait to make these, sounds so easy! Thanks!


  8. Yanara’s avatar

    I discovered your blog via google and I just want to say great tutorial!


  9. vballcat’s avatar

    I tried this out but when I put them in to see how far I needed to hem them, they wouldn't go on. Then I relized when you put pants on you strethch the waist. So now I'm trying again and when cutting it out I will make it bigger. Help


  10. zaiba’s avatar

    i liked your work…but i wish if u could come up with some new tutorials. for eg. dress making.Thanx,


  11. ALISON’s avatar

    Hi the most easiest tutorial i could find on the internet

    very well done brilliant



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