“Make it in May” Skirt #2

Not satisfied with just one skirt made today, this afternoon I made one more!  This one is more in line with the FREEZING cold weather we are having; hail storms etc.

I am LOVING this one, after the debacle of HUGE proportions that was made with the first skirt (see previous post), this skirt fits me perfectly!  The fabric was given to me by an old lady friend who was getting rid of her fabric stash after moving to a small unit.  Thanks Margaret, you’re the best!

Check out the detail on the hem!   I actually decided having to sew the hem up sounded like too much hard work, and so instead sewed 3 straight lines to stop it from completely fraying when I wash it.  Great thinking, I think! :)

And in case you think it’s all seriousness at my house;

This was Briahna teaching me how to pose for photos!  LOL!

I am thinking a little applique or freezer paper stenciling would finish the skirt of nicely, but because I wanted to wear it TODAY, as in now, that will have to wait til another time!

D x

  1. CurlyPops’s avatar

    Love it! Would be supercute with some applique too.



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