Kiwi Christmas Ornament Swap 2012

Okay, so I am a little late organising this, this year, but here goes…

Do you want to send and receive some great ornaments for your Christmas tree, check out some of the neat one’s that were made last year and sign up using the guidelines below;

Here are the guidelines for the swap:

1. Sign-up by sending me an email tosewfunky at orcon dot net dot nz. You need to include your name and snail mail address, plus your blog or facebook page if you have one.  Signups will close on Thursday 1st November.  Sorry, but to limit postage costs, this swap will only be open to New Zealand residents.

2. I will assign you into a small group of 6-7 people and send you the addresses of everyone in your group.  I will not send your address to anyone else.

3. You need to come up with an ornament design that you can easily replicate – it can be crafted however you like (knit, sew, crochet, embroider, print, gocco, paint etc), but it must be handmade (you can use a sewing machine though!). 

My note here; It must be made to a certain standard – please don’t get little Johnny to throw something onto card and consider it good enough for the swap.  I once got an ornament in a swap that was a piece of paper with some glitter and stickers on it, made by the person’s niece…  when other’s have put hard work and effort into their ornaments the expectation is that you’ll do much the same.

4. Make enough ornaments for your group, and post one ornament to each person by Monday 3rd December.

5. Sit back and wait to receive some wonderful handmade ornaments in the post just in time for Christmas.

Help me to get the word out about the swap!

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Use this html code on your blog and in facebook… :)

  1. Toni Stoker’s avatar

    What a great idea – I’m in and can’t wait


  2. Ruth Dexter’s avatar

    Yes please, join me up for this year. Loved it last year. Thanks.


  3. Nicola Rennie’s avatar

    Yes please, can you sign me up for 2013 swap. Missed last year as too busy so on to it early this year!! :-) Roughly how many to a group? Cheers Nicola



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